Home England Premier League Jose Mourinho hints Gareth Bale’s summer plan

Jose Mourinho hints Gareth Bale’s summer plan

Jose Mourinho hints Gareth Bale's summer plan

Jose Mourinho plans to use Gareth Bale in every remaining game.

The 31-year old winger struggled for form and fitness since his arrival from Real Madrid in the summer on loan.

There were rumours that Spurs won’t extend Bale’s loan for the next season but a recent upturn of his form might extend his stay at the North London club.

The Welsh winger has scored six goals in his last six appearances in all competitions.

According to reports, Jose Mourinho wants Gareth Bale to play virtually in all the remaining games.


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Mourinho said: “I want the momentum to keep going but we have to manage him.

“The communication is very good, I believe he trusts me.

“I trust his experience and judgement and his knowledge of his body and at the moment we’re deciding together what to do.

“Gareth, the relationship is very good, he is playing well, of course I’d like him to be on the pitch for 90 minutes of every match but it’s not possible.”


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