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Jose Mourinho makes bold Manchester United prediction

Jose Mourinho makes bold Manchester United prediction

Jose Mourinho included his former club Manchester United with the six teams who can win Premier League this season.

Former Red Devils manager Jose Mourinho included Manchester United along with Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Leicester among the top six teams that have the chances of winning the Premier League.

He excluded his current team Tottenham Hotspur from the list despite going to the top of the table for a brief moment.

Mourinho said: “I would say that this team (Tottenham) could be champion in many European countries.”

“The Premier League is the most difficult one to be, because in the Premier League you can do a good season, can have lots of points, but in the end… Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man United, Leicester, Arsenal.

“So you can have a good season and not be champion. So what can we do? We go match after match. We try to win, we don’t care about the others.

“I promise you I’m not worried about Leicester v Wolves, or City v Liverpool. If Liverpool wins, it is because City loses points. If Leicester wins, it is because Wolves dropped points.

“So I don’t care, I just want the team to play match after match, and then at the end of the season let’s see where we are.”


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