Maguire makes Leicester revelation after joining Manchester United

Maguire makes Leicester revelation after joining Manchester United

Harry Maguire has revealed that despite Manchester United’s world record bid for him, Leicester City did not want to sell  him.

However, the move finally went through and Maguire became the world’s most expensive defender!

“[The fee] doesn’t bother me at all,” Maguire told Inside United. “It’s something that I can’t affect. Leicester wanted to keep me and they are in a great position as a club.

”Manchester United wanted to buy me and they came to an agreement. It’s probably a good deal for both parties and it’s something now where I want to concentrate on my football.”

“I think it’s the long term, that’s what the main thing is,” said the 26-year-old. “In five or six years’ time, judge me then – whether I have been a success at this club or not.

“And I do believe and am really confident that, in five or six years’ time, I’ll be a success and I am sure we’ll have many, many good times here.

“We need to keep improving as a team, not just me as an individual. I feel, if we improve as a team, I’ll be a success too.”

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