Man UTD star on his rise and relationship with Mourinho!


It’s just over a year now since Marcus Rashford exploded into Manchester United’s first team in spectacular fashion, scoring twice on his debut against FC Midtjylland.

“It’s going to be hard to repeat it over the next 12 months but that’s the aim and that’s going to be the aim for the rest of my career,” the United forward told Sky Sports.

 “Having the success so early is good because it drives you to want it more. If you have to wait three or four years to get your hands on silverware I think it is more difficult to find the drive and determination. To get it at such a young age is massive for me and my future.”

The first goal is the very best feeling I’ve had. It’s weird, you always feel the same inside when you score no matter the occasion but I don’t usually celebrate like that, running around crazy.

“You just explode when the first one goes in. If you ask most people, the first one is special for them, no matter if it’s a tap-in or a screamer.”

Grounded and mature beyond his age, the 19-year-old has also taken his rocket-propelled start in his stride. Far from getting carried away, he views it strictly as a base to work from.

“We have new targets and ambitions, what’s happened in the past gives me more drive and determination to repeat those things. For a forward I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It gives you a good starting position to build on and I’ve done that.”

 “Jose is giving me a lot on and off the pitch and it’s doing a lot for my career. The people closest to me have seen me develop and they will know what I mean. It is a difficult thing to do sometimes, to get what you’re thinking in your head into your game but he’s helped me with that. My game is more complete.”

“It’s more than people realise but I am still only young. Other people at other clubs may not be playing at all so to be in this situation, to be training every day, it’s massive for my development.

“You can look at it in two ways. You can either be down, angry and annoyed because you’re not getting the game time or you can see it as a chance to learn and that’s what I was doing. I looked at the players that were playing and saw what they were doing that I wasn’t.

“I’ve had the minutes, my game has changed a lot and I’m pleased with how this season is going. It’s not all about playing every game and scoring, it’s about development. If that goes right, then in the near future that should be the case.”

“I have played down the middle, I’ve learned off the right and off the left and these are little steps that are making me a better player. If someone can play in more than one position, it’s beneficial to you, your manager and your team-mates.

“Jose has given me the opportunity to learn my trade in different positions. It’s something that is needed in modern-day football. I see myself as a striker but nowadays it’s difficult to just be a striker. Those players are few and far between.”

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