“Once he gets the players that he wants – he’s only signed four players for Manchester United. Once he signs eight to ten and he’s a year further forward, then I’d be asking questions if he’s still using a back six in all these away games.

“Historically if you look at his career record… he’s always been second or first in terms of scoring goals. This season is the freak. This is probably the worst performing team Jose’s managed.

“He’s got a squad of 24 and 20 are not his.

“I thought they should challenge for the title this season. It’s unacceptable. But in his first season when he’s obviously found the squad is not as good as he thought it would be he’s only had four players to bring in, he deserves another twelve months to be able to get them.

“I think give him one more transfer window and if he’s still playing a back six in those games next season, I’ll be sat here saying ‘No, I don’t think that’s right.’

“Historically, he’s always got it right.”