Newcastle to go on Barcelona raid

Newcastle to go on Barcelona raid

Newcastle should soon get a new owner, Mohammed bin Salman, who plans to make the European Premier League a European giant and involve the team in the fight for all trophies.

In the last few days, the English media wrote about the wishes of Bin Salman, and the names of Philipe Coutinho and Antoine Griezmann have been added to the list.

The two players are from Barcelona, ​​but Coutinho is currently on loan at Bayern, so the Catalans will earn well if the transfers are realized.

Coutinho’s buyout clause is 120 million euros, and according to the information from the Island, the same amount the rich prince was ready to set aside for Griezmann.

The new boss of Newcastle is ready to pay as much as 240 million euros for the two stars, so if he really plans to set aside that amount, then this dream of Bin Salman can become a reality.

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