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Telles sets lofty ambitions at Old Trafford

Telles sets lofty ambitions at Old Trafford

Alex Telles wants to set the ball rolling at Manchester United.

When asked about what he can contribute to the cause of United, the Brazilian had some ambitious answers lined up.

He said, “I like to think of myself as a very intelligent player, a set-piece specialist and I’m always looking for opportunities to create passes to score goals.

“I’m in the best moment of my life in terms of being a versatile player, and obviously coming to play in the Premier League and playing against the opponents I have done already, and playing in a league as strong as the Premier League. I hope to be able to bring my best to the club.

“I look at being a defender in a different way with my goals. I’m looking to create more openings wherever possible but during training, I also pay particular attention to set-piece training. Apart from the key basics of being a defender, which is obviously about defending well, I want to have extra aspects to my game so I’m a versatile player.

“I have great beliefs in my defensive capabilities but also in my attacking ability. I’m in the best moment of my career and I believe I’ve grown a lot, and hopefully, I can continue to do so.”

“I believe I’m going to meet a marvelous group. I’ve spoken to Bruno Fernandes and he’s said how welcoming the boys are. I believe I will settle very well into the group.”

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