The man Leicester players want to replace Ranieri!

Leicester players still respect Nigel Pearson and want him back as manager, according to Sunday Supplement panellist Oliver Kay.

“I think the Pearson idea is intriguing. We ran in our paper on Friday morning that there was significant number of players that wanted Pearson and conveyed that view,” he told the Sunday Supplement.

Even during the title-winning season, a lot of players were going out of their way to say how important Pearson had been in that. In some ways, it felt like they retained a level of respect for Pearson after he left that they didn’t retain for Rainieri this season.

 “I think if Pearson did go back, he would rattle a few cages, in press conferences as well, and do a good job.”
Paul Merson agreed with this, stating that in his mind Pearson is the only man who could come in and do the job for Leicester now that Ranieri is gone.

For me, Nigel Pearson is the only one who can come in – they need someone who is going to get the players wound up again and make them frightened,” he said.

“It’s too easy, it’s comfortable… He’s the only one who can come in and start getting these by the throat, up against the wall.”

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