“Time for a change at Arsenal!” – Redknapp

Weirdest Wenger out signs

With Arsenal close to missing out on Champions League football, Jamie Redknapp feels it is time for Arsene Wenger to move on – but does not think he necessarily has to leave the club.

Arsenal have been somewhat of a hot topic this season, for all the wrong reasons.

Overall, fans are disappointed with the performances given by the side this season – with much of the blame falling on under pressure manager Arsene Wenger.

Many fans want the Frenchman to leave – whilst others simply want to know if he plans to stay, or indeed exit the Emirates after 21 years.

Pundits and fans alike have given their opinions regarding Wenger and the situation with Arsenal, with Gary Neville even making an appearance on the now well known ArsenalFanTV after calling an Arsenal fan holding a Wenger Out banner an “idiot”.

Now, another Sky Sports pundit has given his view – and it does not make good reading for Arsene Wenger.

“As we go into the final weekend of the Premier League season, it’s looking more than likely that Arsenal will miss out on the top four.

They’ve still got an outside chance of making the cut, of course. Liverpool haven’t won any of their last three home games against Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Southampton, so could slip-up against Middlesbrough at Anfield, allowing Arsenal to nip in with a win over Everton. Stranger things have happened.

But regardless of what happens on Sunday, this is the wake-up call Arsenal needed because they’ve been sleepwalking into this situation.

I predicted at the start of the season they’d fail to qualify for the Champions League but I’ve been saying that for a couple of years, which shows it’s been coming.

And that’s why I think Arsenal need a change.

I like Arsene Wenger. How can you not? His teams have been amazing to watch and they’ve brought so much joy to the Premier League.

He’s a great who changed the game, in terms of the way people think about football, with his scientific approach and the way he developed his scouting network in France and Africa many years ago.

But now teams have caught up with his ideas and that’s the problem.”

With so many fans, and now pundits, agreeing that it is time for Wenger to move on, pressure further builds on the Frenchman.





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