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Mourinho hits back at Paul Merson criticism

Mourinho hits back at Paul Merson criticism

Paul Merson believes Mourinho’s tactics could force Harry Kane to leave

Harry Kane suffered a hamstring injury on New Year’s day and has been recovering since the past 6 months. Following his return at Spurs, he has been scrutinized by pandits for his performance against Manchester United.

Former Arsenal playmaker, Paul Merson questioned whether the England captain would want to stay at the club under Mourinho’s style of play.

Kane has scored seven in 11 games under Mourinho’s regime. Mourinho insisted that Tottenham are capable of matching Harry Kane’s ambition and are not worried to lose him this summer. Mourinho hailed him as ‘Hero Kane’ after he played 90 minutes against Manchester United on his return after six months.

“It’s not easy now for a striker to be completely sharp and Harry Kane played one game after six months,” Mourinho said. “I know that if tomorrow he scores two goals, the talk stops. But let’s suppose he doesn’t score a goal, I think it’s just the normal process. How long will it take? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that Harry had an incredible effort.

“I don’t see any problems. If I have to wait patiently to score two goals or three goals in one game, I wait. But for me it’s not Harry Kane, it’s Hero Kane because a guy that had a big surgery, has a lockdown that stopped the perfect rehabilitation, then comes to normal training only for a couple of weeks, for me Hero Kane.”


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