Arsenal legend Ray Parlour slams Arnautovic for unprofessional behaviour

Ray Parlour blasts Arnautovic after missing Bournemouth game

Arsenal legend Ray Parlour has slammed West Ham star Marko Arnautovic for his unprofessional behaviour, saying that the Austrian should take a lesson from Aaron Ramsey.

Arnautovic was left out from West Ham’s 2-0 defeat to Bournemouth in the Premier League this week and reports claim that the 29-year-old had made himself unavailable for the fixture in an attempt to force a move through to China.

The striker has been the interest of an unnamed Chinese club and has had his head turned by a mega-money offer but latest reports claim that the offer has been withdrawn.

And Parlour has criticised Arnautovic, saying he is ‘not interested in the club or the fans’.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, the former Arsenal midfielder said: “Aaron Ramsey, you know he’s going to leave but he still puts in a performance as he did against Chelsea, he’s still playing for the Arsenal shirt.

“That is how to be a professional footballer.

“Marko Arnautovic is how not to be a professional footballer.

“West Ham have been fantastic for him, they really got his career back on track after Stoke.

“He’s a good player and people love him at West Ham, but suddenly he has thrown his toys out of the pram and has said, ‘I can’t play, my head’s not right’.

“That’s not being a footballer!

“It just shows you the difference between a true professional and a footballer who is just in it for the money, who is not interested in the club and not interested in the fans.

“I hate to see players like that.”




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