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Rodgers blasts FA for fixture list in Christmas

Rodgers blasts FA for fixture list in Christmas

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has slammed the Christmas fixture list Leicester has piled up ahead of them.

It is a well known fact that no manager is happy with the Christmas fixture list in Leicester but Rodgers’ has now openly blasted it.

“There is no chance,” the Leicester manager told reporters. “You cannot risk the fitness of a player. You play on the 26th, you’re going to play a high-intensity game here against Liverpool, fighting for the result.

“In football, it’s the second day where the players suffer. You get that first day of recovery but it’s the second day where it’s really tough for a player. If we go along that route then the second day, instead of recovering, we’re kicking off at 17:30 [local time] at West Ham.

“It’s just nonsense, really.

“Some [clubs] will be a bit more fortunate with recovery than others. It helps when you have a big deep squad. You want to get through it without the risk of injury and looking to perform at the highest level you can.”

“The game is about money now, you can’t say it’s about the welfare of players,” he said.

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