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Silva hungry for more success

Silva hungry for more success

Manchester City legend David Silva has called for more success.

It is Silva’ last season at the club. He wants to win as much as he can.

With Liverpool potentially 19 points ahead of Manchester City now, the Premier League is now all but done. The player is a veteran and has won 4 league titles with Manchester City in the Premier League.

However, this time even without the league title, there are other trophies to target. There is the much awaited Champions League which they have not won.

Silva will want to win it once before leaving Europe. After that they also have other trophies like FA Cup and League Cup.

In the league cup they are very close to the semi finals to make it to the finals. In the FA Cup, they thrashed Fulham 4-0 and Silva wants more now.

“I think we play well. It was good for us from the beginning because we play with one more man. We play well, we scored the penalty,” Silva told BBC Sport.

“Hopefully we can win more titles this year.”

”With Phil it’s easier now, he’s young but got a lot of quality.

”He’s a talented player and he will play more and we are in good hands.”

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