The story of Mahrez: How he almost did not join Leicester

The story of Mahrez: How he almost did not join Leicester

Riyad Mahrez has revealed the story of how he did not actually plan to join Leicester City.

However, as we know the rest of the story was a dream after joining the Foxes. So how did it all come about?

He said, “I grew up in France so I wanted to discover Ligue 1, it was my ambition. When my agents told me Leicester City were interested, I told myself: ‘Who are this rugby team?’

“At first, I told them I’m not going, it’s dead, what am I going to do in England? It’s not for me, it’s too physical.

“But they insist, insist, insist. Therefore, I turned my phone off during the winter break in December, telling myself: ‘They’re crazy, what do they want?’

“When I returned to training in January and I realised Leicester were still after me. When we started talking wages, etc… I immediately felt they really wanted me.

“At that point, I opened my laptop and for the first time and I Googled Leicester City. I saw the stadium, the training facilities, the infrastructures and that’s when I thought it might be worth going.

“I spoke to my mum, because, you know, parents feel these things. They have this ability.

“Then, the president of Le Havre told me they desperately wanted to sell me. The money was important for the club, so I told him okay, in that case, I’ll leave.”

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