Top 10 Footballers Caught Taking Drugs

Top 10 Footballers Caught Taking Drugs

Top 10 Footballers Caught Taking Drugs

Footballers caught using drugs? Being a professional footballer there is no doubt a lot of pressure on and off the pitch, and having to be a role model in the public eye can take its toll, some footballers handle it well, while other players, the pressure can be a little too much, and that is where the problems start, with the parties and drugs, some professional footballers find themselves getting too rapped up in the moment that it gets them into trouble, but who are the Top 10 Footballers Caught Taking Drugs?Just recently Hull City’s player Jake Livermore was tested positive for Cocaine but the FA is yet to have make an rule regarding the situation. Is a ban on the cards for the Hull City player? well stick around to find out.

Top 10 Soccer Players Caught Using Drugs

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Okay! let’s find out the Top 10 Footballers Caught Taking Drugs.

10. Kolo Toure

Kolo Toure is one of the Top 10 Footballers Who Have Done Drugs

Ivorian centre-back Kolo Toure was handed a six months ban for failing a drug test. The English FA decided on a six month ban that was to end in September 2011, However, after he was once again tested at the Manchester derby in February. the sample tested positive, though Toure said it was water tablets that he was taking to lose some weight. The FA still ruled against him as they were a banned substance.

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