Trippier explains why he left Spurs

Trippier explains why he left Spurs

Kieran Trippier has revealed the reason why he left Tottenham Hotspur.

Sometimes I was thinking, ‘God, I just wish the season was over. I heard rumours about them selling me and it’s not nice. That was playing on my mind for a few months. I tried to block it out. It wasn’t the right time to [ask the club about his future]; we were going through the Champions League, [Manchester] City, Ajax away.

It’s disappointing. I gave everything for the club and I wanted to stay, I had another couple of years left. Me and the manager didn’t leave on bad terms, he’s done a lot for me and I respect him highly. I feel that Tottenham probably got rid of me at the wrong time. I just needed that four-week rest for recovery because I was struggling with injuries to come back fresh, ready. I gave everything. I thought I had a future there,’

I tried to speak to the chairman. I just didn’t really get an answer. I didn’t get the impression that they wanted to keep me. I had four good years there, met some good people and thought I had a future there. The one thing I want is my defending to improve. I’m sure with Cholo (Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid) it will do. There is no better person to work under. He is so passionate, you can just feel it, and I wanted to be a part of that, ‘the family’ as they call it,’ said Trippier.

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