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United fined for Anfield antics

United fined for Anfield antics

It is safe to say Manchester United’s visit to Anfield was not a happy one.

Despite what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might have been saying after the match about lots of positives being taken and the players are coming of age nonsense, the reality is Manchester United have regressed so far since Ferguson, that Liverpool did not need to be on top of the league to hand out a battering to them – as shown in United’s defeat to Burnley the following weekend.

Liverpool however, are imperious and they could have ended with 4 or 5 that night. One such goal was ruled out (correctly for the sake of the pride-wounded United fans). The one we are talking about is the brilliant Firmino finish as it had come from a build-up in which Virgil Van Dijk had possibly fouled David De Gea.

The referee had initially allowed the goal causing an eruption of complaints from the Manchester United players. So poor was there temperament and control over their mind that they ended up being excessively aggressive towards the referee.

It has now resulted in the FA fining the club £20,000 for the players failing to ensure that they “conduct themselves in an orderly fashion”!

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