USA Manager Feels Pulisic Would Thrive In Premier League

USA head coach Gregg Berhalter believes Christian Pulisic is a star player whose game could be tailor made for the Premier League.

“As a manager those are the players you love to work with and it’s more of excitement about how we can utilize him to the best of his abilities, because he’s got amazing abilities,” Berhalter told a conference call. “When you talk about him being able to play in the Premier League, you see he has the ability to unbalance a defence, he’s very good technically, very good mobility, excellent shooting, can give a final pass. I think he’s the type of player you see in the Premier League now and that makes the Premier League such an exciting league.”

However, he believes that before he makes the switch, Pulisic should make another effort to prove himself at his Borussia Dortmund.

“Every player has difficult periods. It’s not a reflection of his quality, it’s more a personal preference of the coach for this moment,” he said. “I know he’s very much in the plans there, I know he’s working very hard to get more game time. He plays every single game virtually, although he’d want more game time. I think in the Champions League he’s done a good job.”

“This is what will start defining people as players, when they get in these difficult situations how they come out of them. I love his attitude in dealing with this and I think he’s going to be OK. When you’re of that level and you’re playing for such a talented squad, things like this are normal. He’s hungry but patient. Speaking to him and knowing his attitude, it’s a fantastic attitude based on, ‘What can I improve to get on the field more?’ That’s the way he’s looking at it. He works hard every day.”

These words of encouragement should give Pulisic more hope to make a move forward to the English league sooner rather than later.

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