Where will Guardiola be next season?

Where will Guardiola be next season?

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are 22 points behind Liverpool and might well be fading.

But will Pep rebuild at the Etihad or will he leave for greener pastures?

Mail on Sunday’s Chief Football Writer Rob Draper does not see Pep Guardiola rebuilding at Manchester City.

“He’s not done more than four years at a club before and his last year at Barcelona was very fraught,” said Draper. “Even his relationship with Lionel Messi was beginning to break down at that stage. Even the really senior players at the club were saying it was getting very intense by the end.

“The way he plays, what he demands of them, you ask an awful lot of them. You’re going to the well again and again and again. I’d be surprised if he did beyond five years, if he signed a new contract it would personally surprise me.

“He may feel that Manchester is where he wants to set himself up, that there’s less pressure than being at Barcelona. It’s clear being at Barcelona and being a Catalan, is a unique pressure to take on yourself.

“But we’ve not seen him take a club for 5-8 years before.”

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