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JOKER: Neymar’s leadership skills extend only till mocking a teenager

JOKER: Neymar's leadership skills extend only till mocking a teenager

Welcome to the world of Neymar.

Imagine how petty you would have to be that despite being one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, you take salt when a teenager beats you. The dynamic Neymar has played around 70-80 games in three seasons at PSG and publicly disrespected the club for his own failure but apparently took the defeat of PSG so personally that he had to go and mock in public a teenager and reportedly took the lead in asking the rest of the team to do it as well.

Marquinhos of PSG, said that Neymar was plotting his revenge on young Haaland since the day of the defeat as the king of social media was apparently okay with losing on the pitch but not ready to accept being humiliated on social media – priorities Ney, we get it.

The baby who cries at every defender’s tackle and wants to make football a contactless sport has now complained once again (big surprise) when he was “hurt” on social media.

He planned his revenge for a month. a good way to skip training and practice of course when you get paid so much, and performed a disgusting series of jokes to mock Erling Haaland, the Dortmund teenager. They were all in poor taste so very much Ney’s area of strength.

According to his team-mate Marquinhos, who tried to stop him, he told everyone to back off. Real leadership from Neymar. Focus is absolutely where it should be. Neymar inspiring his team-mates to do so also reflects exactly how much lacking there is of a set of characters in the PSG dressing room.

A leader who vanishes in crisis and only comes around to joke and amp up his social media banter is a player who has no spirit of a footballer. It’s sad that mocking a young kid in Haaland speaks more of Neymar’s lack of personality than anything.

The man was idiotic enough to host a party after that when France and the rest of Europe were pleading people to practice social distancing. Wow, Ney. We accepted that you’re a joke and don’t deserve our attention but maybe don’t play with people’s lives to fulfill your neediness in life. And yes, please stay away from our game, while you are at it. Not that you come around too much anyway.

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