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Rabiot’s agent hits back at PSG


Adrien Rabiot’s agent has hit back at PSG’s claim that they were misled by the player.

Paris Saint Germain star Adrien Rabiot was indefinitely benched by PSG recently due to their claim that the player and his mother, who also happens to be his agent misled the club during contract negotiations.

The Argentine star has been in the middle of controversy in Paris for quite some time regarding his contract which expires in the summer of 2019. Things got hotter when PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique accused the player of misleading the club. It now seems that Rabiot’s agent has come out in defence of the player saying that the club has worsened things beyond repair and there was never any lying on their part during contract negotiations with PSG.

“There is no agreement with any club. I do not know who started this rumour,” said Veronique Rabiot to RTL. “We have no right to speak to any clubs until January 1 and we won’t. It’s true I rarely speak publicly, I think it’s better for me to stay in the shadows most of the time. But while the club president has always told us the club is a big family – which I agree with and I always respected the rules and protocols, I never denigrated the club – I am being attacked by the club through Antero Henrique so I am allowing myself to break silence and respond.”

“During the summer transfer window, I told Mr Henrique that I wanted Adrien to be transfer listed because Adrien wanted to leave the club and that was said quite clearly. I do not see how I was disloyal. There was an offer from Barcelona and the club rejected it, which is their right. The decision taken is definitive and final. The situation has completely deteriorated and there is no way back … very few people are rushing to defend Adrien’s situation. The fact that the UNFP have is important. The situation was the same four years ago … When Adrien was 19, he did not resist and signed an extension. Now he is 23. What he is doing now is buying his freedom.”

A treatment of an young player by indefinitely benching him for his wish to discontinue with the club by being within his legal contract rights does not mirror PSG in good light for now.

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