Home Football Mbappe’s return status for France still questionable after injury recovery

Mbappe’s return status for France still questionable after injury recovery

Mbappe's return status for France still questionable after injury recovery

The PSG forward has returned to training after recovering from a thigh injury picked up during the Nantes clash on October 31st.

However, France coach Didier Deschamps doesn’t want to risk putting on the field early for the Les Bleus’ Nations League game with Sweden.

“Kylian is fine, he did the collective session yesterday,” Deschamps said at a press conference on Monday. “He will do the session today. I will take the time to discuss with him to see if he starts or if he comes into the game from the bench.

“There are the two options with their advantages and disadvantages. I will decide on what is best for the team and for him.

“He had two weeks without a ball, he really wants to play. He wanted to be there for tomorrow’s game, and if all goes well he will.”

Moreover, news has been uncovered that Barcelona was about to sign Mbappe but signed Ousmane Dembele instead and he went to PSG, according to Former Barcelona director Javier Bordas

“Yes. When we were to sign Dembélé, Minguella called me to tell us that Mbappé was within reach. I spoke with Bartomeu and he told me to look at him. I called his father and he told me that he was not going to go to Madrid because Cristiano, Benzema and Bale were there and instead he could go to Barça because Neymar was not there.

“The president of Monaco preferred that he went to Barça so as not to reinforce PSG, a direct rival. And for 100 million it could have been done. But Robert preferred Dembélé and Pep Segura supported him. The explanation was that Mbappé plays for him and Dembélé plays for the team. And since a winger like Ney left, Robert preferred a winger more than a finisher.”

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