SHAMELESS: Neymar hosts party amidst social distancing – WTF is wrong with this man

SHAMELESS: Neymar hosts party amidst social distancing - WTF is wrong with this man

Neymar is a controversial figure in football.

He is known for his lack of responsibility in the game despite being hailed as one of the more talented players. He is highly babied always by everyone and is always at the wrong end of every story or controversy.

However, the story has now gone into a different level, as Neymar has proved himself to be an absolutely ridiculous human being as well. The star was anyway under the spotlight for mocking youngster Erling Haaland brutally despite being an experienced player in the game now. It showed his lack of empathy despite always crying in the media for other players tackling him – an integral part of the game.

He has now taken his callousness to a different level by reportedly hosting a party after PSG’s win despite all governments across the world requesting people to practice social distancing – a reason for which even the PSG vs Dortmund match was also played behind closed doors.

The Brazilian star who turns up hardly twice a season for big occasions is one of the highest-paid footballers. Touted once to be the best in the world, he fails to make even the top 10 now.

For any fan of Neymar, we urge you to not follow his stupid antics and in the big picture – support a better role model – not an illiterate five-a-side star like Neymar.

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