Bayern Munich CEO Rummenigge wants Bundesliga to continue

Bayern Munich CEO Rummenigge wants Bundesliga to continue

Amid all the coronavirus cases spreading rapidly across Europe, there’s one man who wants Bundesliga to go on. And that’s Bayern Munich owner Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

He has backed the Bundesliga authorities in their decision to continue the league – blaming it on “outstanding big TV payments,” – even though the number of confirmed cases in Germany are rising by the day.

Bayern Munich is one of the teams to be playing without an audience and an empty stadium. Others will definitely follow suit soon. They are currently leading the Bundesliga table and Dortmund is 4 points behind in second place.

Rummenigge, however, has advised fans not to travel to Union Berlin and has spoken about the impact of lack of revenue sources for mid-table to lower-level teams. He is mainly about the financial loss for the clubs and the effect that will have on football.

“At the end of the day, it’s about finances and the big outstanding TV payments to the clubs,” Rummenigge said, according to German broadcasting network DW Sports. “I think it’s right that under the current conditions, the games this weekend take place.”

Other than Bundesliga, most leagues around Europe, have been suspended.

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