Neuer refuses to rule out Bundesliga exit

Neuer refuses to rule out Bundesliga exit

Manuel Neuer has refused to rule out the idea of him leaving Bayern Munich.

“I never said I’ll definitely end my career in Germany, and I never said either that I’ll leave Bayern,” Neuer told German outlet Kicker.

“I’m keeping that open. I don’t imagine playing abroad now; but with how fast this business goes, you never know.”

“What I said for the national team applies to my career: As long as I feel good, I am needed and know I can perform, I want to play.

“I feel good at Bayern and have goals with the team. So things should go on this way for the time being.”

“We defend higher and close the spaces between the lines,” he said.

“There are no longer spaces of 20m but 10 to 15m. This makes communication between the players easier. This helps our game, we can put pressure on the opponent.”

And does Neuer believe Flick has what it takes to remain in charge of Bayern beyond the summer?

“Hansi Flick is a very experienced football man, even if this is his first time as head coach,” he added.

“A Bayern coach should have some experience, he has to deal with the media, talk to the players and take them onboard with him.

“A Bayern coach does not necessarily have to speak German. He should be a football professional with tactical knowledge and can reach the team.

“Someone who has a philosophy and wants to play a football that best suits FC Bayern.”

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