Messi and Ronaldo to play in the same team – can it happen?

Messi and Ronaldo to play in the same team - can it happen?

Leo Messi is not a happy camper at Barcelona.

He has been visibly upset with the board this season. After staying with the club for over 15 seasons, winning hundreds of silverware alone and with the team, Messi is now upset with the club.

The player has given his heart and soul for the club. However, Barcelona have gone down the drain in the last one year. Especially this season, there have been mishaps – one after another.

This has led to a natural rumor that if the club does not resolve the issue, Messi will not stay.

So where will he go?

Not too many clubs can pull Lionel let alone afford him.

One club who indeed does make the list is Juventus – where a certain Cristiano Ronaldo is playing currently.

So what does the Juve coach Maurizio Sarri think of this possible dream team combination?

He said, “Leo is a Barcelona player. If I were a Barca board member, I would say: “What the f**k does this Sarri want”? So I’d rather not respond to this question,” said a Sarri who is also being linked with a move away from Juve to pave the way for Pep Guardiola to join them.”

Ah well, we dreamed. All we can do.

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