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Juventus Sporting Director Paratici opens up on Conte, Marotta and UCL


Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici has opened up on manager Max Allegri and former Juve Sporting Director Giuseppe Marotta.

Speaking about differences between Conte and Allegri, this is what Paratici had to say.

“Conte and Allegri? The transfer market with Conte was down to a player’s functionality with respect to what he wanted him to do. That’s a legitimate thing, indeed it makes the job of those who are looking for players easier. Conte had a style of play and, quite rightly, we had to find players who suited a system. Allegri, in that sense, is more flexible. He doesn’t have one system, he’s more open and has more solutions. So the transfer targets are expanded a bit more.”

He also maintained that Marotta and him had an extremely well structured relation. “I think we were very well matched, complementary,” Paratici explained to Sky. “I’d deal with the purely technical side of things, the scouting, the relationship with the agents, identifying the players. Then there was a meeting with him, he’s a very knowledgeable person who knows football and knows the numbers really well, so he’d tell you how far you could go in a negotiation. The best thing is that we were so well matched. I carried things until the final stage, then he intervened with his experience and helped me make as few mistakes as possible.

When asked about Juve‘s attempt to win the UCL, Paratici said, “It’s our ambition, but not an obsession.”

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