Mino Raiola Hits Back At Ole Solskjaer After Paul Pogba Comments

Mino Raiola Hits Back At Ole Solskjaer After Paul Pogba Comments

Mino Raiola absolutely put Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on blast after the Norwegian’s comments about Paul Pogba.

The Manchester United boss participated in a war of words, initially calling out Raiola. He told reporters, “Paul is our player and not Mino’s,” in relation to the midfielder’s future at Old Trafford.

Of course, this did not go down well with the outspoken super-agent, who tweeted out, “Pogba is not mine and for sure not Solskjaer’s property. Paul is Paul Pogba’s. You cannot own a human being already for a long time in the UK or anywhere else. I hope Solskjaer doesn’t want to suggest that Paul is his prisoner.”

“But before Solskjaer makes comments about things I say, he should inform himself better about the content of what has been said. I am a free citizen who can think and express my thoughts. Until now I was maybe too nice to him. Solskjaer should just remember things that he said in summer to Paul. I think Solskjaer may be frustrated for different reasons and is mixing up some issues. I think Solskjaer has other things to worry about. At least, if I was him, I would.”

Things are really starting to heat up between Pogba and Manchester United even though the 27-year-old did get thrust into the middle of it. This could also be a clear sign that this is probably his last season at Old Trafford. Real Madrid, are you listening?

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