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We will only add players of genuine quality: Rodgers


Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers has said he wants to make signings of only quality otherwise not.

“Of course you will always wait for quality,” Rodgers said. “That is what is important for us. If you are going to bring in any players they have to be of real genuine quality. But they also have to be able to enhance our group. They have to be able to really make a genuine difference. A club like Celtic, with its status, you always have to be looking outside as well. So that is something that is ongoing. But we want to bring in quality. That would be the message.”

Speaking about the condition of the home turf, the Celtic boss hoped it would improve.  Rodgers said: “It is something unfortunate, nothing that the ground staff could have done. A slight disease in the surface which has just been unfortunate. We have a great team of ground staff, they work very hard. We obviously had a new pitch laid last year which has helped our game but the guys are working very hard to make that right. But of course it is very difficult when you have a spell of games on it but I am sure it will get back to the level we would hope it would be at.”

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