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Cristiano Ronaldo hits out at defenders’ prices

Cristiano Ronaldo hits out at defenders' prices

Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo has settled the debate on who is more important to a team; forwards or defenders.

The talismanic goal scorer has never been shy of making a comment and praising himself. There has been good reason to. He is perhaps one of the two best football has ever seen. Asked about the recent day market,

“It’s difficult to make calculations in modern football,” Ronaldo told Portuguese channel TV1.

“[Clubs] gamble a lot on potential and the football industry is different.

“Leaving the case of Joao Felix to the side, any player can go for 100 million euros, even without showing anything.

“There is more money in football. A centre back and a goalkeeper can go for 70 or 80 million euros.”

“I don’t agree [with it] but it’s the world that we live in and you have to respect it.”

“When I see goalkeepers selling for 75 million euros, a player who does what I do on the pitch and who scores goals is worth three, four times more. easy,” he declared.

Well Ronnie does not like defenders for sure, maybe cause they come in between him and goals! However, is his comment a little biased? Given how much extra attention attackers are given anyway.

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