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Gerard Pique highlights revamped Davis Cup as ‘project of his life’

Gerard Pique highlights revamped Davis Cup as 'project of his life'

Gerard Pique is coming to the dusk of his career.

And the Spanish superstar famously known for marrying Latin popstar Shakira is now focusing his energy on correctly setting up the revamped Davis Cup in Madrid.

As Piqué told the Observer: “I don’t know if there is room in tennis for both events or not. History says both events will happen. But I have always said our idea is to open the door with the ATP to arrive at a deal. I think that this is the logical step for the future. We have tried very hard in the past year with them.

“It was difficult to arrive to a deal because there were rumours that Mr Kermode was leaving, that he would not continue. Now we know that next year there will be a new president of the ATP [the Italian Andrea Gaudenzi]. I think that this will give us another opportunity to sit down and try to write a deal. This is the best thing for the future of tennis. This is our main objective. It doesn’t depend only on us. This is why I cannot assure you of anything. But it is the next step that we want to take.”

“Right now my thoughts are that every year has to be my last year. I want to dedicate as much as I can to football. I want to end my career in the best way possible. I don’t know if it will be one more year, two more years, five more years. But I am happy at Barcelona.

“When I left my friends there to spend four years at Manchester United [in 2004, a month before they signed Wayne Rooney], it was tough. At the same time that was a great experience for me. I grew up a lot there. I am who I am because of the period I had at Manchester United, even though I didn’t play as much as I wanted to. But in my position there were two centre-backs who were among the top three in the world at the time [Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic]. But being at home, and having the career I have had at home, has been a great pleasure and I am very proud of it.”

“I played both sports when I was young. I decided in the end on football. I think my decision wasn’t bad at all. I am very happy with the life I chose. I play tennis as much as I can. I obviously don’t have much time.”

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