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Barcelona present three clauses to Neymar before Nou Camp return

Barcelona present three clauses to Neymar before Nou Camp return

Neymar’s football career has so far been more drama than actual football. The extremely talented youngster who came to Barcelona six years back, amidst controversy and now wants to leave PSG for Barcelona after a world record move has clearly failed to live up to his football talent.

The story goes like this. Neymar was Brazil’s next gen talent supremo and tipped to make it big. In came all the clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea and Real Madrid to get him and it was Barcelona who signed him, with extreme ambiguity over his fees paid.

After three glorious seasons at Barcelona, the best phase of his football, where he formed the MSN trinity alongside Suarez and Messi, he decided he wanted the entire spotlight for himself and forced his exit from Nou Camp. In came, cash rich club Paris Saint Germain and they signed the Brazilian by paying a world record fee.

However, things at France could not have gone worse. Injuries, bad football, off-field accusations, disciplinary issues, falling out with teammates and finally having the club president who loved him turn against him, Neymar now wants an exit. And he wants to go home, to Barcelona.

However, Barca are careful of what they are looking to bring back and have thrown three conditions for Neymar to accept before they make a move. Here they are:

  1. He will take a pay cut of up to 30 per cent – taking his wages below that of Lionel Messi
  2. He will drop a lawsuit against the club over an alleged unpaid bonus
  3. He will go public and admit that he wants to move to Barcelona

Will Neymar agree, and will PSG sell him?

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