La Liga president Javier Tebas admits Lionel Messi mistreatment in tax fraud case

La Liga president Javier Tebas admits Lionel Messi mistreatment in tax fraud case

The La Liga president has made a bold claim that Messi was treated unfairly in the tax fraud case.

Tebas’ comments come only days after Barcelona star Lionel Messi revealed that he wanted to leave Spain after the case.

The Barcelona talisman recently revealed in an interview that he felt he was mistreated and wanted to leave Spain after the tax fraud case came out. However, Messi decided to stay put and La Liga president has now thanked him for continuing in the league.

Moreover, Tebas has also claimed that he got scared after the Argentine’s interview and went on to say that the Spanish tax authorities were unfair with Messi.

“We were never scared that Messi would leave Spain because we didn’t know what he was thinking,” Tebas said as reported by MARCA. “With this week’s interview, I got scared and then I was relieved to see that, just as well, he decided to stay. In this low moment, he decided to continue.

“I want to thank Messi for continuing in our league. If he feels down again, he shouldn’t have any doubts that we will support him and call him, that we will keep supporting him. I don’t think there was cruelty, but they were unfair with him as a physical person,” Tebas added.

“It is clear that he didn’t sign or didn’t read everything. They would tell him where to sign and he would do it. I don’t read all the La Liga contracts otherwise I would be there all day. I’m convinced that it was an administrative issue and not criminal.”


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