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Messi thanks teammates for breaking yet another record


Barcelona living legend Lionel Messi has once again kept it humble despite reaching a new level of inhuman record breaking achievements.

The Argentine and FC Barcelona captain recently won his 5th golden shoe, a record unto itself. The 5 time Ballon d’Or winner has broken every goal-scoring record alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi sure has another few years of top quality football left in him. The left-footed magician who leaves defenders for dead in his wake has expressed he never expected such glory when he started out.

“The truth is I didn’t expect all of this when I started out. My dream was to become a professional footballer and be successful. I love football but I never imagined so much. It is the result of hard work and effort.”

Messi also thanks his Barcelona teammates for helping him to win this award: “I have the best players in the world in their positions around me andI’m in the best team in the world and so it’s much easier to achieve objectives like this as others of my teammates have done.”

Since the arrival of Messi at Barcelona, the club has been one of the best in Europe and Spain alongside Real Madrid and Messi has on multiple occasions, single-handedly, taken the Catalan outfit to the pinnacle of glory.

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