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Haaland to Real Madrid: Is it on?

Haaland to Real Madrid: Is it on?

Erling Haaland has spoken of his footballing future amidst interest from Real Madrid.

The young striker playing for  Borussia Dortmund has been in fantastic form. He has been garnering the attention of Real Madrid. So what does he think of the prospective move?

“I focus on this, not on the attention that is towards me,” he told Sky Sport on Tuesday.

“I think about doing my job, which is the thing I love most. My focus is on this.”

Former assistant coach in Real Madrid Jose Morais has also spoken of Haaland’s chance at succeeding at Real Madrid.

“I think [Haaland] is a great player. He’s also one of the young players with very great quality. His finishing qualities are unbelievable,” Morais told Stats Perform.

“Doing what he did in this short period for Dortmund and creating the impact that he created. I think that it is never too soon for a quality player to go to a club like Real Madrid.

“The higher the quality of player, the more the possibilities to succeed exists in a club like Real Madrid. You have a lot of competition in the club because you only have good players there, high-level players.

“Benzema is a fantastic player, a goalscorer, he has the quality that he has playing for Madrid all these years. I think Haaland is definitely a good option to replace a striker like him.

“Probably in the style of Cristiano, Mbappe would also be a player that could have some similarities in the strength and speed and capacity of playing.”

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