Zidane wont be at Real Madrid for 20 years

Zidane wont be at Real Madrid for 20 years

Zidane says coaching is exhausting, won’t do it for 20 years.

Zidane admitted that the Real Madrid job wears you out and he has no desire to coach for another 20 years.

The Real boss took charge of the club in 2016 before resigning two years later, explaining the club needed a change.

When asked about Ramos’ recent run of performances, Zidane said to the press“He always wanted to win and make history in this club. I am not surprised by what Sergio is doing.

We are lucky to have him in Madrid and I hope that continues until the end of his career.

I am not going to coach another 20 years, I am going to retire sooner. Anything can happen.”

He added: “I was a better footballer than a coach, but there were better footballers than me as well, although I’m happy with what I’ve done.


“I’m not going to coach for 20 years, I don’t know how many. I don’t plan anything, what encourages me is the day-to-day. Then I will do other things.

“In my head I have always been a footballer, I had 18 or 19 years as a player and when I was asked if I was going to coach, I would say no. In the end I was, but it’s demanding – I don’t think I’ll be here for another 20 years.”

“No one should interpret what I say,” he continued. “The reality is I’m managing the best club in the world and I’m happy, regardless of what happens here.

“But I know that when we lose the press will be out, the knives will be out, that won’t change. We are winning now, but like I said, today we’ve yet to win the title. We must continue working, training hard.

“Everyone is going in same direction. We cannot control external matters, only what we can control. We shouldn’t worry about what goes on outside Real Madrid and I think my future is the least of concerns at the moment.”

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