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Real Madrid are number one: AGAIN!

Real Madrid are number one: AGAIN!

Real Madrid have begun the New Year by being on top of the UEFA coefficient rankings for clubs.

The Madrid based club have enjoyed brilliant success in Europe this last decade winning 4 of the last 10 UEFA Champions League trophy. Indeed the club who were already known as Kings of Europe established their dominance even more.

Thanks to the might of the great Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid became the first club to not win one but back to back Champions League title. They became the first team ever to defend the UEFA Champions League trophy and went even one better by winning 3 UEFA Champions League trophies on the trot.

Madrid’s great success in Europe has obviously been reflected in their UEFA Club Coefficient rankings as the Madristas have been on top of these rankings since 2013/14. They have won 4 CL titles post that and do not look like going down any time soon.

Their official Instagram handle were quick to notice this massive feat.

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