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Ronaldo is a crazy, crazy guy

Ronaldo is a crazy, crazy guy

Statuary Warning: This is a crazy story about Cristiano Ronaldo.

The man is a machine. Here is a story his friend Jose Semedo shared about the striker from back his Madrid days.

Speaking to RECORD, Semedo said: “I remember we were coming back from Chine to Madrid. We were nearly there. The pilot said there was only an hour left. Legs outstretched. I was imagining that spa in his [Ronaldo’s] house. Putting my back in the swimming pool, having a massage to relax. That’s all I could think about.”

“But we got to Madrid, it was 2:3oam. He went to his room and got ready, came into my room and said: ‘Seme, we’re going for a run. And I looked at him. I could not say no. I looked at him. And I said, “Yes, yes, yes, give it here”. I got ready and we went. I thought: ‘this guy is crazy’.”

“Two something in the morning and we are still going to run around his condo like crazy instead of relaxing in the pool.”

Well, some people call it crazy and some know it is just insane fitness and dedication to work.

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