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Should Real Madrid sign Milan Skriniar?

Should Real Madrid sign Milan Skriniar?

Well according to his agent, Real Madrid should be all over Milan Skriniar.

However, football has more complications and Madrid will have to think if they want to sign Milan. Let us still listen to what the agent had to say, regardless.

“Skriniar is worth €100 million,” he said. “Real Madrid and Barcelona are competing for his signing for the last two years. Now Real Madrid are closer to reaching agreement with Inter Milan because they want and they need him much more than Barcelona.”

Halis says “Real Madrid have to look for alternatives to their centre-backs, Ramos and Varane” and that he can see the defender going to Madrid. Skriniar’s agent said back in March that Real Madrid wanted him but it seems a deal might be edging closer.

Listening to the agent, it would feel like Real Madrid have no option but to buy him. Moreover, it feels like buying him would solve every problem Real Madrid have defensively.

Are we sure he is not talking about Virgil Van Dijk and about Milan Skriniar. Take nothing away from Skriniar, He is brilliant but surely he cannot be the best in the world now. What do you think?

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