Home La Liga FC Barcelona What does CR7 think of the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry?

What does CR7 think of the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry?

What does CR7 think of the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that Lionel Messi and his rivalry has only made him a better player.

He said, that he felt the effect of Messi more in Madrid than in Manchester. Messi and Ronaldo had both become icons of the great clubs and produced some great matches over the years. Now Ronaldo, is in Juventus but he looks back on the memories of them fighting with great fondness and respect.

The Juventus man said, “I really admire the career he has had so far, and, for his part, he has already said that he had trouble when I left the Spanish league because it is a rivalry that he appreciates.

“It is a good rivalry that exists in football, but this is no exception. Michael Jordan had rivals in basketball, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were great rivals in Formula One, the only common point between all the big rivalries in the sport is that they are healthy.”

While the pair are not close, Ronaldo suggested they could become friends: “I have never been to dinner with him, but why not in the future? I would have no problem with doing that.”

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