UEFA set to postpone Euros to 2021, decision to put CL, EL on hold

UEFA set to postpone Euros to 2021, decision to put CL, EL on hold

The global pandemic of the Coronavirus has swept across the world at a rapid pace.

The novel virus originating from Wuhan back in China in December 2019 has infected close to 127,000 people across 110 countries as of now.

The four worst countries as of now are China, Italy, South Korea and Iran. With Italy under lockdown, other European countries like Spain, Germany and England are also considering suspending all domestic meetups or gatherings of more than a 1000 people.

This has led to UEFA reconsidering its decision to go ahead with their own tournaments – the EURO 2020, UCL and EL.

The UCL and EL are currently underway with many matches being either played behind closed doors or getting postponed. There is also a huge question over the Euros which is set to get underway in 2020 June 12.

Now UEFA has decided to call into action a meeting to be held on 17 March via videoconference. The agenda is believed to be whether the tournaments should be played or suspended and whether the Euro should be postponed till 2021.

Even though no final decision has been made, the rate at which the COVID-19 is spreading, it is likely to be the most obvious solution keeping in mind everyone’s safety.

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