F.A to hand out life bans to Chelsea fans!


The FA has threaten fans with a lifetime bans over new Alvaro Morata chant

On Monday, the Football Association sent a stern warning to fans and threatened supporters with lifetime bans for the song.

The FA has asked anyone to report to them if they see another fan singing it.

Chelsea are officially backing the FA’s stance and will be helping enforce a lifetime ban if any supporters are caught sining it.

In addition to the club’s official statement, the club’s head of communications had this to say on Monday:

“Chelsea Football Club finds all forms of discrimination abhorrent and the language that was used in that song the other night we find totally unacceptable.

“People that use this kind of language against others always try to argue a grey area. There is no grey area. That language used was anti-Semitic.”

Morata himself has urged supporters to not sing the song, appealing to his fans

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