FA to introduce NEW RULE next season that is desperately needed!

The FA are finally doing this!

The FA will ban players retrospectively from next season for diving incidents.

Players found guilty of simulation to gain an advantage from next season can be punished after the match by the FA.

The FA have announced that retrospective action can take place if:

• Where an alleged act leads to a penalty

• Where an alleged act leads to a straight red card for an opponent

• Where an alleged act leads to a dismissal of an opponent (where the alleged act led to the opponent receiving either one of the two cautions)

A panel consisting of one ex-match official, one ex-manager and one ex-player will review the incident after the game and decide whether it warrants a ban.

Only in circumstances where the panel come to a unanimous agreement would the FA charge the individual concerned.


By Ben Kelly – @benkelly_10

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