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Fabrizio Romano explains why Liverpool still haven’t signed anyone yet


Fabrizio Romano has shed light on Liverpool’s quiet summer transfer activity, attributing it primarily to the ongoing UEFA Euro 2024 tournament.

In a recent podcast appearance, Romano emphasized that clubs like Liverpool are currently in a holding pattern, awaiting developments in the transfer market post-Euros.

I think because of the Euros. I don’t think anything will happen before the end of the Euros for Ivan Toney. Also because he’s 100% focused on the English national team and also Brentford. They wait to see what happens in terms of proposals. But at the moment, nothing is concrete on the table yet,” Romano stated

“I think many clubs in England, we mentioned Arsenal, it’s the same also for Liverpool and many others are waiting to see what happens in terms of [transfer] dominoes also after the Euros.

“So it will take probably some time before we know what’s going to happen for the future of Ivan Toney. But For sure, the interest is still there for many clubs. And I think around July, August, things could happen for Toni because his desire is to move to an important club. With respect to Bradford, he wants to try some different kind of opportunity.”

Romano suggested that many clubs, including Liverpool, are keenly observing how transfer dominos will fall once the Euros are over.

Liverpool’s cautious approach contrasts sharply with Chelsea’s proactive recruitment of young talents, illustrating different strategies in navigating the transfer window.

Romano hinted that despite the quiet front, Liverpool’s recruitment department, led by Richard Hughes, remains diligently preparing for potential signings.

This strategic patience aligns with Liverpool’s historical approach of waiting for the right opportunities rather than rushing into deals.

The journalist conveyed a sense of anticipation among Liverpool supporters, acknowledging their eagerness to see new additions to bolster the squad ahead of the upcoming season.

As the summer progresses, Romano suggested that Liverpool could become more active in the market, targeting players identified through meticulous scouting processes.

For now, however, the focus remains on observing how the current transfer landscape unfolds, ensuring Liverpool makes informed decisions aligned with their long-term strategy and ambitions.

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