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FIFA World Rankings 2016 (Top 20 Teams)


FIFA World Rankings 2016

FIFA World Rankings 2016 (Top 20 Teams)

The FIFA World Ranking is a ranking system for men’s national teams who are part of the association football. The rankings are currently led by Argentina. The teams of the member nations of FIFA (football’s world governing body), are ranked based on their game results with the most successful teams being ranked highest.

These rankings were first introduced in December 1992, and eight teams (Argentina, Belgium,Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain) have held the top position most of the time, of which Brazil have spent longest ranked first.

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How does the FIFA World Rankings Calculation work?

Ho do FIFA calculate the FIFA rankings? Well, it’s your time to find out now. Well, the system of calculation was revamped after the 2006 World Cup and now the calculation is based on the results over four years than the previous eight years.

With the new system now put in place, Goals scored at home or away doesn’t matter any more as per the latest calculations. Also, the points system of allocating the FIFA points have been revised. The first set of revised rankings and the calculation methodology were announced after the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Distribution of Points in FIFA World Rankings

Below is the new format of the distribution of points in the FIFA World Rankings.

Result Points
Win (no penalty shootout) 3
Win (penalty shootout) 2
Draw 1
Loss (penalty shootout) 1
Loss (no penalty shootout) 0

Top 20 FIFA World Rankings (as of 15th September 2016)

Here is the list of the Top 20 Latest FIFA World Rankings (as of 15th September 2016) Enjoy the list!

Top 20 rankings as of 15 September 2016
Rank Team Points
1  Argentina 1646
2  Belgium 1369
3  Germany 1347
4  Colombia 1323
 Brazil 1323
6  Chile 1284
7  Portugal 1228
8  France 1188
9  Uruguay 1173
10  Wales 1161
11  Spain 1141
12  England 1130
13  Italy 1124
14  Croatia 1059
15  Mexico 1057
16  Switzerland 1020
17  Poland 984
18  Costa Rica 943
19  Ecuador 917
20  Hungary 913


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