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FIFA President Gianni Infantino hails 2018 FIFA World Cup as the greatest ever


FIFA President Gianni Infantino was all praise for the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup, calling it the greatest World Cup of all-time. In a tournament overview press conference at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium where the final will be held, Infantino said, “For a couple of years I have been saying this will be the best World Cup ever and today I can say that with conviction – it is the best World Cup ever.”

“I would like to thank everyone. The main actors are on the pitch – the players, referees and coaches – but, of course, there are also all those who have worked to make sure everything has worked smoothly, the Russians.”

“A big thank you to the Russian government and the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the local organising committee, the Russian Football Union, the volunteers, the heart and smile of the World Cup, all those people, more than 100,000, who helped in one capacity or another.”

Donning the red uniform worn by the tournament’s volunteers for the press conference, Infantino added, “I think this World Cup has changed the perception of the world towards Russia.

I think that everyone who has been here for quite some time — around a million people have been in Russia, not only Moscow, not only Saint Petersburg, not only Kazan, but in all the host cities — everyone who has come here has discovered a beautiful country.

They have found a welcoming country, a country full of people who are keen to show to the world that what sometimes is said is not what happens here.”

Infantino also had words of praise for the fans, claiming that the fans, especially the ones who have traveled from distant areas have made a significant impact to the tournament.

He singled out the fans of Japan and Senegal in particular. “Senegal and Japan supporters cleaning the stadiums after the end of games, these are some good and positive news… that shows the spirit of friendship, the spirit of party we had,” said Infantino.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has indeed been a tournament which is worth calling “the best ever”. From the premature elimination of big teams to the fairy-tale journeys of the likes of Russia, Belgium, Sweden and Croatia, this tournament has given football fans plenty of joy and excitement. A few all-time records were also broken at the tournament including the most number of own goals in a single World Cup.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup also has a ghost of a chance to break the record of the most number of goals scored in a single World Cup. 161 goals have been scored in the tournament so far, 10 less than the record of 171 goals which were scored in the 1998 and 2014 World Cups. So, a goal fest in the 3rd place playoff and the finals might make this the highest scoring World Cup ever.


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