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Former Bayern Munich player Giovane Elber reacts to Mesut Ozil’s racism claims


Former Brazilian international and Bayern Munich player  Giovane Elber voiced his opinions on Mesut Ozil’s racism claims. Ozil retired from international football and criticized the DFB for slamming him regarding a photograph with Turkey President Recep Erdogan.

The former striker said that he was never on the receiving end of racism during his stay at Germany. Elber played in Germany for a total of 10 years, playing for Bayern Munich, VFB Stuttgart and Borussia Monchengladbach. All-in-all, he played 365 matches and scored 183 goals.

Elber said, “No, in Germany, thankfully, I never had any issues with racism. Not me, my family, my kids. It always went really well, and everyone always respected me the same way, no matter who it was, always with respect. With Ozil, I think it was a thing done without thinking much.”

Talking about Ozil’s picture, Elber said that sports and politics should always be kept apart. “Yes, the photo he took because it started a problem that wasn’t necessary,” said the 46-year old. “On the other hand, it’s the president of the country where he has roots. You have to understand that. In Brazil we always say that football can’t mix with politics. Politics is another thing, football is on its own. It moves people.”

“When you look at the World Cup games and a team loses, the fans are crying as though they’ve lost someone close to them. That’s football. And when you mix football and politics, it doesn’t go well for anyone.”

Earlier, German supporters took to the streets in Berlin to protest in favor of Ozil.


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