Former PL Stalwart hails Sterling as the best forward after the two GOATs

Former PL Stalwart hails Sterling as the best forward after the two GOATs

Joleon Lescott has hailed Raheem Sterling as one of the best wingers in the current circuit.

The former Everton and Manchester City defender has claimed that it is Raheem Sterling who comes third after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Raheem has taken himself to the top tier now,” Lescott said on our We’re Not Really Here live matchday show.

“He has to be regarded as one of the top wide players or forwards in the game because he contributes.

“He has the ability to play well and win the man of the match and not score and then on other occasions he just scores and impacts the game that way.

“I think you have to be pretty naïve to not respect what he’s doing. There are players like Messi and Ronaldo that are scoring 50 goals a season. They are super freaks!

“In terms of the next tier, Raheem has to be compared to those kinds of players.”

“There are always going to be options for players to play in different positions, but Raheem has proven he can play as a No.9,” he added.

“The No.9s that we’ve come across in the past in the Premier League needed to hold up the ball, but that doesn’t need to happen for City.

“You need to make runs off the ball and create space for other people in the possession and obviously have the composure that Raheem’s got in front of goal.

“He’s now our top goal scorer, I didn’t think there would be a time when someone would score more than Sergio Aguero whilst he is at the Club.

“I know he’s been injured, but it’s a credit to him.”

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  1. John Fyucha

    Jul 13, 2020 at 10:44 am

    in a season Manchester city haven’t been their best sterling has been shining, alongside with De bruyne i would say they are the clubs best players at the moment.

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