Gareth Bale will not leave Real Madrid despite issues: Marcotti

Gabriele Marcotti has said that Gareth Bale will not leave Real Madrid despite having issues.

The Welshman scored from the spot to win the match against Levante.

Italian journalist Gabriele Marcotti has insisted that Gareth Bale won’t leave Real Madrid despite having issues with the club. The player has been pushed down the pecking order for not being able to stand up to expectations so far this season. His frustration was reflected in his attitude yesterday after he scored the winner for his side and refused to celebrate with his teammates and run back to his own half.

However, the ESPN FC journo has pointed out two reasons in support of the Welshman staying back at Santiago Bernabeu. He said, “I don’t know [what is going on] but that guy clearly has issues.”

He added, “With the goal celebration the week [against Atletico Madrid] before, then it feels as if people are taking pot-shots. Marcelo says he’s been here five years and can’t speak Spanish, which I think Bale would dispute. There are interviews where he appears to be speaking Spanish but he could just be reading phonetically off a cue card! Then the [Thibaut] Courtois thing about they all go out to dinner but it’s past Bale’s bed time. I don’t know.”

Marcotti also said, “When you make a decision to go and act that way after you score – this is Real Madrid you’re at, the biggest goldfish bowl in the world – three days before El Clasico, people will talk about this, you will be under scrutiny. It speaks of someone who I think is unhappy and has one or two issues. But equally he had the opportunity to leave, he doesn’t want to leave either. Possibly because nobody is going to go and give him the wages that he gets at Real Madrid and no other club that might want him can match the stage of the Bernabeu. He’s stuck there.”

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