Guardiola calls Real Madrid king of Champions League

Guardiola calls Real Madrid king of Champions League

Pep Guardiola has called Real Madrid the king of the Champions League.

‘It is the real, real test,’ he said. ‘The king of this competition against one team who are not used to playing these kind of games. It will be in a marvellous stadium where we have to show our personality, so I know that my players, myself, all the club want to fight until the end for this title.

‘If you want to win it, you have to face these teams — Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona.

‘You have players who come to Madrid and pull on the shirt, they know they are defending their history. That makes an extra thing.

‘They are the club we want to emulate and imitate. I want to go there and, at the end of the game, I want to say, ‘We were what we are’. This is the most important thing in these type of competitions. I have an incredible admiration for Real Madrid and I know how difficult it is. The players who have played there have played so many times in the final and I don’t know how many times each one has lifted the trophy.’

“Ronaldo, like Messi, is a guy who scores 50 or 60 goals a season,” the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“Any team can suffer a little bit if they leave. But it is now their second season without him and Madrid are playing at a good level.

“I have seen their games and there are things they did not do before. They press forward and they don’t wait. They are incredibly aggressive with the quality of the players they have.”

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